Welcome to 3 Fire and Life Safety Professional Development Programs Under One Roof!
2019 – Fire Code and Fire Protection Technology Exposition
Specialized Training, Code Updates, and Continuing Education
2019 – Firefighter Safety Symposium

Firefighter and Chief Officer Training & Continuing Education – Sponsored by the UL Firefighter Safety Research Foundation 
16th Annual – Campus Fire Safety and Emergency Management Conference
Professional Development Conference and Expo
February 25th and 26th 2019 – Hyatt Regency – Columbus, Ohio
Registration will close February 15, 2019 at 5:00 PM
The Fire Code Academy will issue certificates for two days of quality training and CEUs. The Fire Code Academy is accredited to issue CEU’s for Engineers. Please see our conference website for more information.
This year, our focus is on training Code Officials, Engineers, Firefighters, and Fire Inspectors from some of the best fire protection engineers and code professionals In the nation. Across the Country, we are receiving questions and concerns about the lack of available quality fire inspector training, fire protection, and continuing educational programs.

Code enforcement is the basis for fire prevention inspections, and “the inspection process is the very backbone of the fire prevention program”. A fire prevention program is the most effective method of keeping the community safe from fires. Although firefighters and their fire engines can do amazing work to put out fires, the damage to the community begins before they even get the call. Fire prevention and code enforcement officials have a legal, moral, and ethical responsibility to accurately perform fire inspections based on the fire codes they are charged with enforcing. This includes keeping current on changes to fire codes, reference standards, fire protection system and other technologies. This conference provides all those tools needed to obtain quality training and continuing education.

This conference is well known for offering multiple programs under one roof.
Firefighter Safety and Wellness Symposium
We have partnered with The UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute (FSRI) to provide you with two days of training and education dedicated to reducing firefighter injuries and deaths.

Keynote Address and Conference Open 

Understanding NFPA 3000 – Standard for an Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program. 
As more hostile events continue to occur around the world, it is critical for first responders, emergency personnel, facility managers, hospitals,, community members, and others to have the information they need to be prepared when attacks occur. NFPA has developed a new standard – NFPA 3000, Standard for Preparedness and Response to Active Shooter and/or Hostile Events – to address that need. The purpose of NFPA 3000 is to identify the minimum program elements necessary for organizing, managing, and sustaining an active shooter and/or hostile event response program and to reduce or eliminate the risks, effect, and impact on an organization or community affected by these events.
Our 2018 conference brought together almost 500 people (from 5 different countries) for two days of professional development training and continuing education.
The Conference Schedule and Program Descriptions Have Been Published On Our Website.
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