CFAA Registration Theory Exam Announcement

(Posting Date: 12/11/18)

CFAA Theory Exam Update

November 9th 2018

As previously announced a hold was placed on all new attempts of the CFAA Registration Theory Exam due to unacceptably high levels of unsuccessful attempts at the exam.

Following an exhaustive and intensive review by members of the Education Committee and Executive Committee of each and every question as well as the process itself to ensure all areas were examined we are announcing the relaunch on Monday November 19th.’

It was determined during the review that a number of the questions contained information that was incorrect or could be answered in different ways resulting in a wrong answer result. All questions have been reviewed by more than one person to ensure there was agreement and the process was intensively scrutinized in partnership with our exam provider. We also increased the pool of questions available to the person attempting the exam.

For those who have recently failed the exam we will be allowing your next attempt at no charge.  For those Trainees who experienced multiple failures, members of the Education Committee will be reviewing your results and reaching out to you. Those of you who will be offered your next attempt at no charge will be contacted via email and will not be processed by calling the office.

The Education Committee is going to continue to work to provide further enhancements and programs in 2019. Please review the website for this announcement or for those of you who are registered trainees you will receive an email when this is available. Information will not be available by contacting the office until these announcements are made.

I thank all of you for your patience and understanding and although we took longer than anticipated to re-launch we wanted to make sure it was corrected 100 percent before doing so.


Peter Hallinan
Executive Director