On behalf of Chapter President (Electrical Contractors Association of Alberta) Brian Reed and the City of Calgary.

After the last ECAA meeting we decided to put out an advisory on two hour fire rated cables as there are a lot of new products coming onto the market and being installed in Calgary. The advisory explains the importance of the installation methods of the complete cable assembly. We are trying to make contractors, engineers and designers aware of the importance of not only using the correct cable for the application but also considering the hardware that will terminate and support the cable.

The City of Calgary continues to recognize all products that are certified for the Alberta market and approved for the use and application. At the end of the advisory there is a link to the UL website that shows all products that UL currently tests and approves.

Feel free to distribute this advisory to your Calgary membership, thanks.

Best Regards,

Adam Ghani
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BR Advisory – two-hour fire rated cable