Please come and get involved in shaping the future of the fire protection industry.

We are looking for pictures and articles for the web-site. If you have written an article that we can use please let us know and if we can publish it, we will acknowledge you as the author of the article.

We are launching an education component on the web-site to show fire authorities and the public in general of the hazards that they may not even be aware of. See the Gallery tab where this information is becoming available. If you have photographs of systems that are not in compliance and easily illustrated, please share them with us. We would like to post these photos on the web-site to show the fire authorities what sorts of things to look for when they are in different buildings.

You can be part of the Association that will have a say in how & what changes or you can react after it happens.

The next Annual General Meeting is May 2, 2014 at The Black Knight Inn, Red Deer.

General Meeting is @ 10:00am.

Please RSVP to

You don’t have to join. Be our guest and see what we are doing.