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January – February 2016 Newsletter
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For more information on the AFAA Partners Council click here.

AFAA Officers & Directors

Jack McNamara Bosch Security Systems
Vice President William Koffel
Koffel Associates, Inc.
Rick Heffernan
Rodger Reiswig
Immediate Past Chairman
Art Black
Carmel Fire Protection Associates
Bob Baker
EBL Fire Engineering
Dave Becker
Shane Clary
Bay Alarm Co.
Jason Dupuis
Cintas Fire Protection
Rochelle McGee
Apollo America
Tom Parrish
Telgian Corporation
Dave Newhouse
Larry Rietz
Jensen Hughes
Richard Roberts
Honeywell Fire Safety
Sue Sadler
Tom Hammerberg
Technical Director
Randall Hormann
Administrative Director

AFAA Online Courses
Are you aware that AFAA has over 100 courses available to you online at our
training center? If you would like more information about any of these courses
please see our Online Training Page.

AFAA 2016 Annual Meeting
and Codes Conference
Join AFAA in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida
April 5 -8  for the Annual Meeting and Codes Conference 
Please visit our website for full conference details including:
pricing, exhibitor, and sponsorship opportunities.
To keep with our high standard of offering top quality educational programs, we are bringing in some of the best trainined professionals in the Fire Alarm industry to share their knowledge, expertise, and wisdom.
Inside Disney – 
One of this years featured educational programs includes a rare behind the scenes look at how the “Magic of Disney” protects millions of visitors annually through their fire alarm and mass notification operations.
Mass Notification Systems –
Fire Alarms and Health Care Facilities –
We are also offering two multi-series programs. One is on Mass Notification Systems (MNS), and the other is on Fire Alarm Systems in Health Care Facilities. We will discuss both of these hot topics from various perspectives.
Some of our other presentations include:
  • An overview of NFPA 3 & 4
  • ITM certification from NICET
  • NFPA 720
  • Solepatch central station reporting
  • AFAA’s partnership with NFSA on our combined training “Who You Gonna Call?!” – Coordinating NFPA 25 & 72 Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance Requirements.
  • And much more….
Registration and Hotel information is available at  – www.afaa.org

Upcoming AFAA February Webinar
Interfacing Elevator Controls with Fire Alarm and Sprinkler Systems

Friday February 26th, 2016 1:00p EST

Various types of elevators are found in both low and high-rise buildings. Among these elevators are Hydraulic and Traction (Electric) Elevators with driving machines installed in dedicated spaces referred to as “Elevator Machine Rooms” while Machine-Room-Less (MRL) elevators have their hoisting machines installed directly inside the elevator hoistway.

This presentation will clarify specific NFPA 72 (National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code) and NFPA 13 (Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems) requirements associated with these elevators, both in buildings provided with “Building Fire Alarm Systems” and those without.

Specific NFPA 72, NFPA 13 and ASME A17.1 code terms, such as Fire Emergency Operation (FEO), Dedicated Function FA System for Elevator Recall and Supervisory, Phase-I Emergency Recall Operation, Phase-II In-Car Emergency Operation, Designated and Alternate Recall levels and Shunt-Trip Function will be discussed and clarified.

2013 Editions of NFPA-72, NFPA-13 and ASME A17.1 will be presented. New 2016 Editions of NFPA-72 and NFPA-13 code changes will be discussed.

Presented by Sagiv Weiss-Ishai, P.E. – Fire Protection Education

Sagiv Weiss-Ishai, P.E. is a California licensed Fire Protection Engineer, presently working for the San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD), Bureau of Fire Prevention. Sagiv has 18 years of extensive experience in Fire Protection Engineering: project management, code consulting, fire protection system design, code enforcement, code writing and code training. Sagiv specializes in all aspects of fire alarm systems and elevators’ interface with fire protection systems.

This webinar is sponsored by:

 Tyco SimplexGrinnell Bay Alarm Co. 

Carmel Fire Protection Associates

Fire Alarm Quiz
Tom Hammerberg, SET, CFPS, AFAA Technical Director
Originally published in Electrical Contractor magazine, April 2015 edition. Reprinted with permission. For more information on EC magazine, go to www.ecmag.com.
How well do you know fire alarm pathway and wiring requirements? Take this quiz and test your knowledge. Good luck!
  1. All wiring requirements of the NEC are applicable to fire alarm circuits.
    1. True
    2. False
  1. The size of each conductor in a multiconductor power-limited fire alarm cable shall not be smaller than __________.
    1. 12 AWG
    2. 18 AWG
    3. 22 AWG
    4. 26 AWG
  1. For a PLFA power source, transformers or other devices supplied from power-supply conductors shall be protected by an overcurrent device rated not over _____ amperes.
    1. 10
    2. 15
    3. 20
    4. 25
  1. Where a circuit breaker is the disconnecting means, a listed breaker locking device shall be installed.
    1. True
    2. False
  1. Which Pathway Survivability Level does not require any provisions for pathway survivability?
    1. Level 0
    2. Level 1
    3. Level 2
    4. Level 3
  1. A pathway shall be designated as ___________ when it has fail-safe operation, where no fault is annunciated, but the intended operation is performed in the event of a pathway failure.
    1. Class C
    2. Class D
    3. Class E
    4. Class X
  1. All non-power-limited and power-limited signaling system circuits entering a building shall be provided with transient protection.
    1. True
    2. False
  1. A pathway shall be designated as ________ when it is not monitored for integrity.
    1. Class C
    2. Class D
    3. Class E
    4. Class X
  1. Power-limited fire alarm cables shall have a voltage rating of not less than ______.
    1. 70 volts
    2. 120 volts
    3. 300 volts
    4. 600 volts
  1. Non-power-limited and power-limited fire alarm cables are permitted to be installed in the same raceway without any separation.
    1. True
    2. False
Answers will be listed in the members section of the AFAA the website www.afaa.org after 2/15/2016

Webinar – Mass Notification Simplified:
The Critical  
Principles of Delivering Robust Protection
Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 1:00pm -2:00pm EST
Recent events involving public shootings and disasters have sparked increased concern about how to prepare for critical events using Mass Notification systems. There are specific principles you should consider when thinking of Mass Notification solutions and NFPA 72.
In this webinar you will:

  • Learn to simplify Mass Notification system design while providing robust preparation
  • Understand the intent and scope of NFPA 72, Chapter 24 – Emergency Communications Systems
  • Gain new insights on NFPA 72, Chapter 24
The webinar presenters will be:
 Rodger Reiswig, of Tyco Fire Protection Products
Ray Grill, Principal of Arup
Event sponsored by Tyco SimplexGrinnell

AFAA Training Seminars
AFAA continues to expand our training and educational opportunities. These programs are designed to enhance you and your employees skills.
Through our open registration regional delivery program, AFAA is committed to providing training regionally through out the US and beyond.

Why training from our cadre of well-educated and experienced instructors will increase the collective knowledge of your team. 

Encouraging your employees to continually train on fire alarms and related codes & standards through professional development can have an immediate effect on productivity. Professional development will also help raise overall staff expertise and general knowledge.
Enhance your company’s reputation.
Wouldn’t your clients like to know that you have highly skilled employees on board? When you make professional development opportunities available, you’re building a positive reputation as an employer that cares about its workforce and strives to employ only the best.
Remember your employees are your brand ambassadors.
We are currently working on fiinalizing our 2016 offerings and will have those posted on our calendar very soon.
Please check the AFAA website training calendar for a seminar near you.
 If you would like to host or sponsor specific training in your area or at your facility, please contact us directly at training@afaa.org.

March – April 2016 Newsletter
The next issue of AFAA Newsletter will be published on April 18, 2016. All submission are due on Aptil 11st. Please email all articles, training announcements and activities to  news@afaa.org .
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