Alberta Fire Safety Association

The AFSA is an association of business people operating in the fire protection services industry, who are concerned about the welfare of their fellow man and the integrity of their industry.

Who We Are

Over the years, people involved in the sales, service, supply and installation of fire safety equipment and alarm systems expressed concerns with regards to the ethics and direction their profession was headed. Expressions of concern had been discussed between individual members and it was agreed that a meeting should be held to determine what should be done. A meeting was called for June 30, 1977, and the Alberta Fire Safety Association was born.

Our Objective shall be to gather and disseminate information and ideas, which will improve fire protection in the Province and increase the competence of the fire protection industry.

Code of Conduct

We as active members of the Alberta Fire Safety Association recognize that the life safety services and products we sell impact the quality of life of the People of Alberta significantly. To that end we will perform our work with the highest level of professionalism, integrity and competence.

  1. We will always conform to the current Alberta Fire Code and Building Codes and their associated Standards.
  2. We will only use personnel certified or qualified as required by the Alberta Fire Code to perform our work.
  3. We will always supervise trainees with certified or qualified personnel.
  4. We will strive to continually update ourselves with formal and informal training on products, Codes, and Standards.
  5. We will warn our client’s of any safety, health or fire issue we see on their property or with their employees.
  6. We will be honest and truthful in all dealings; behave in a manner that upholds the principles and integrity of the Alberta Fire Safety Association.
  7. We will promote the Objectives of the Alberta Fire Safety Association.

Our 2018/2019 Executive

Randy Brown

1st Vice-President
Kurt Bertrand

2nd Vice-President
Darrell Shermak

Executive Secretary
Robbin Foxcroft

Our Committees

Commercial Canopy Cleaners Committee
Chairman: Shelby Vang

Fire Alarm Committee
Chairman: John Wingert

Kitchen Suppression Systems Committee
Chairman: Ron Foxcroft

Portable Fire Extinguishers Committee 
Chairman:Darrell Shermak

Representative to Fire Technical Council
Representative: Robbin Foxcroft